The Development of Long-Range Remotely Controlled Boat for 3D Waterway Mapping

Researchers and developers:

  • Dr. Suriya Natsupakpong
  • Mr. Roongrote Wangkiet

Project owner:

  • Hydro and Agro Informatics Institute (HAII)


     The Bangkok Flood 2011 is one of the major natural disasters occurring in Thailand. During that time, there were many attempts of the government to control the water drainage. However, some failed due to the lack of depth information. Therefore, there is the urgent need to obtain depth data of waterways in Bangkok and near districts, which will be used for drainage modeling if a similar event happens. In long-term usage, this model will also benefit water resource management of the country. Traditionally, a manned survey boat equipped with an echo sounder is used to gather depth data of waterways. To achieve complete data, much effort especially human resources must be put into the operation as well as data processing. Thus, unmanned surfaced vehicle or robotic boat is introduced to assist the task mentioned before.


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